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Get Ready for Post-Crisis Business Recovery with Pricing Facts

Prepare for after the Crisis with Pricing Facts-1

While the immediate issue for most businesses and countries is the shutdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic right now, it is also prudent to plan for how business recovery must take place once societies open up again. Many industries have experienced a collapse in demand, though some such as remote working and home deliveries have experienced a boom. Do you know how your customers and consumers will react once the crisis is over? Will they demand the same products or services? What specific features will be more valued, and what features or benefits will be devalued? Will your product/service become more valuable to your target market segment in August or September?

Your answer lies in our consumer/customer insights. Shopper sentiment, consumer buying behavior and value perception are key parameters to follow once we move into the recovery phase.

Imagine if you could every 3 months "take the temperature" of YOUR consumers' buying behaviour and willingness-to-pay for your product/service offerings and even compare it to that of your competition. Using PriceBeam's hassle-free and affordable tool, that delivers fast results in just 2-5 days, instead of the months of traditional, old-fashioned market research. In the words of one of PriceBeam's customers: "PriceBeam is at least 5 times faster and is 4 times more affordable than some of our more traditional pricing insights vendors"

If you are interested in understanding and tracking your customers' willingness-to-pay in 3, 6 or 9 months from now, then we want to help. During the month of April 2020, we have a special offer for time-series, longitudinal market research. Buy one market research study and get it repeated free of charge later in the year, so you can track how consumer willingness-to-pay evolves:

  • Orders must be received before the end of April 2020.
  • Buy one PriceBeam study and we then give you credits to run two studies sometime in 2020 for the price of one study, to better understand how the market develops over this critical time. 
  • Run the first study before July 1st, covering your products and optionally competitive products
  • The second study that we offer you free of charge must run between July 1st and November 1st. It must be a repeat of the first study in terms of product and market scope, and only vary by the period it runs. Benefit from PriceBeam's excellent analytics to compare differences and track developments between the two studies.

We are offering this special price to help businesses get the best possible insights into how your markets will evolve after business opens up again. 

Get in touch with our sales team to order your studies, or get a demo of how PriceBeam can help you. 

Be safe.