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Latest Pricing Insights

Ultimate List of Ideas for Successfully Implementing Price Increases

Measuring Willingness-to-Pay Instead of Guessing What the Next Price Should be

Managing International Price Differences (and why it is a good thing)

Price Premium - An Indicator of Brand Strength

Advances in Price Optimization Through Measurement of Willingness-to-Pay

We Would Like Your Help - Global Pricing Study

Price Discrimination

PriceBeam Webinar: Pricing in a Digitalizing World

New webinar recording: Setting the Right Price for New Products or Services

PriceBeam is a Proud Partner of Santa Marketing in Belgium

International Price Differences: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We Have an Upcoming Webinar about Successful Price Increases using Market Insights

PriceBeam is a Proud Partner of Bloomkeys

10 Reasons Why Start-Ups and Scale-Ups Should Understand their Customers' Willingness-to-Pay

Pricing Innovation Breakfast Meeting on the 24th of April

How to Effectively Implement Price Segmentation Strategies

7 Tips on Price Communication for Businesses

PriceBeam is a Proud Partner of Priskonsulterna

Strategies for Product Lifecyle Pricing

Anchor Pricing

7 Psychological Pricing Strategies

Thoughts on Penetration Pricing

Don't forget upcoming Webinar on the 17th: Pricing in New Product Development - From Afterthought to Integral Part of the Process

Using Prestige Pricing Effectively

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Pricing Trends to Consider in 2019

PriceBeam is looking for local partners in Brazil

How to Determine the Next Best Alternative Price for Value-based Pricing Strategy

Value-Drivers and their Impact on Price Increases

PriceBeam is a Proud Partner of Mark Peacock

PriceBeam is a Proud Partner of Better Pricing Australia

10 Ways Price Research Can Help Getting Price Increases Through

PriceBeam is a Proud Partner of Pricing News

Tariffs and Their Impact on Pricing Strategy in the US

Brexit and its Impact on Price Increases

5 Ways Price Research Can Support Marketing Budget Decisions

7 Areas Where CPG/FMCG Manufacturers Can Use Price Intelligence to Optimize Revenue

Price Optimization Tactics for Startups and Scaleups

Using Price Research to Increase Prices

Can Price Research Help Sales People?

The Power of Pricing - What is it Worth to You?

Using Price Research to Estimate the Impact of Trade Tariffs

Are Your Prices Ready for Global Tariff War?

Differences in International Willingness-to-Pay: Why Local Insights Matter

PriceBeam Expands in USA and Canada

PriceBeam now also in Swedish / PriceBeam nu också på svenska

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Upcoming Webinars about improving prices through research

7 Ways to Deal with "Customers will not Accept Price Increases"

7 Ways to Getting Pricing Right When Launching in New Markets

Price Research: Supporting the 5 C's of Value-Based Pricing

Optimize Lifecycle Pricing with Willingness-to-pay Insights

Are Your Customers Willing to Pay More?

Why Willingness-to-Pay is a Local Thing

7 Factors to Include in Your Dynamic Pricing Model When Pricing Perishable Goods

Knowing the Willingness-to-Pay of your Competitor's Customers

Using Segmentation to get Higher Prices

Still Time to Sign Up: Webinar about Supporting Value-Based Pricing Strategies with Pricing Research

PriceBeam is growing: Getting scientific pricing insights in 109 countries

5 Steps to Getting a Better Price for a New Product

Webinar on 26 February 2018 - Getting Value-Based Pricing Right with Price Research

6 Ways to Improve International Market Launches Through Pricing

5 Ways Price Research can Help with New Product Pricing

Enhancing Dynamic Pricing with Market Insights

Price Communication: Convince Using Price Research

Do Your Customers Value the Benefits You Price?

8 Characteristics of a Successful Price Increase

Competitor Prices: Do They Really Matter?

Testing Product Concepts with Price Research

Can Sales People use Price Research in Negotiations?

10 Ways Price Research can Benefit Global Businesses

Supporting Value-Based Pricing with Market Research: Conjoint Analysis

New Product Pricing: Different Types of Willingness-to-Pay Research

Webinar: Pricing Bundled Support Services

Willingness-to-Pay Insights and Marketing Budgets

Why Marketing Should Spend More Time on Pricing

Using Willingness-to-Pay Insights when Negotiating with Trade Partners

Webinar: Optimize Pricing in Bundled / Support Services

PriceBeam General Manager to Speak at Pricing Strategy & Revenue Optimization Conference in Bangkok, 15 November 2017

Willingness-to-pay in B2C versus B2B

How MiFID II Will Impact Sell-Side Research Prices

What Determines the Price of Your Dishwasher?

Time-Sensitive Pricing: Should Supermarkets Mark Down Products?

5 Examples of Low-Cost Value-Adding Features

Coca Cola in the Arab World: Emotional Brand Building

iPhone X Pricing & Substitutes: Why Four Digits Matter

Machine Learning & Pricing: The Implications of Unstructured Data

Pricing & Asymmetric Information: Breaking Down Barriers

Loss Leadership & Price Perception: Why Retailers Sell Products at a Loss

How Companies Get Value Propositions Wrong

Communicating Price Increases: The Power of Dialogue

International Pricing: Managing Willingness to Pay Differences

Branding & Pricing: A Lesson from Wayfair

Pricing & Natural Disasters: Reaching the Social Optimum

6 Myths About Pricing Debunked

Price Wars 2.0: A New Era of Price Wars

Psychological Pricing: 3 Strategies that Work in 2017

Guide for Publishing Companies: Driving Willingness to Pay Online

Demand-Based Supermarket Pricing: Is ‘Wasteless’ the Right Strategy?

Product Testing in Emerging Markets: Talking to Stakeholders

Price Ladders in Emerging Markets: 4 ‘Steps’ to Higher Margins

6 Risks that Keep Firms Away from Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Lessons from KFC Asia

How to Determine the Price of Education

Behavioral Pricing: What You Do = What You Pay

Pocket Price Waterfall: An Important Tool for Identifying Profit Leakage

Discount Management: How to Stop Your Profit Leak

Why Firms Get Emerging Markets Products Wrong

Emerging Markets Consumers: Differences and Similarities

2017 Asia Pricing Summit: Meet our Global General Manager this week

Price Perception And How to Manage It

Why End-Consumer Willingness to Pay Matters for B2B Firms

4 Factors that Influence Price Sensitivity of Customers

The Importance of Differentiation for Your Long-Term Strategy

Pricing Strategy Guide: 7 Strategies You Should Know

10 ways to increase value beyond products and services in B2B

Netflix’ Pricing Power Better than Ever

Free Webinar: How to Increase Prices with Willingness to Pay Insights

3 Pricing Champions to Watch

3 Ways to Give Discounts Without Lowering Prices

The Superstar Effect: Why PSG Pays £200m for Neymar

Product Bundling: Why Individual Price Setting Still Matters

Price Differentiation: A Success Story from McDonald's

4 Common Branding Mistakes Companies Make

4 Marketing Failures that Really Hurt Brand Equity

Brand Perception in Emerging Markets: A Lesson for Western Products

The ‘Price-Creep’ Strategy: Go or No-Go?

Consumer Culture: Indian Consumers vs. Chinese Consumers

B2B Pricing: 3 Lies You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

Total Revenue Management: The Future of Hotel’s RM

3 Essentials for a Successful Brand Diversification Strategy

Why Eatigo Uses Discounts for Yield Management

Hotel Revenue Management: Relationships vs Revenue Returns

Hotel Revenue Forecasting: Best Practices From the Industry

Emerging Markets Pricing: Driving Transformation with Willingness To Pay Research

Emerging Markets: Currency Depreciation & Pricing Strategy

3 Functions of Pricing in Hospitality

Price Positioning in Hospitality: Room Rates & RevPAR Optimization

Hospitality Pricing: Identifying Segments and Willingness to Pay

Ethics in Pricing: Watch Out for Gray Areas

Amazon’s ‘was’-price Under Scrutiny: Bogus or Brilliant?

4 Biases that Affect a Customer's Willingness to Pay

Willingness to Pay Research: A Review of Pricing Research Methods

Will Nike’s Brand Equity Survive an Amazon Wholesale Partnership?

Customer Willingness to Pay: Differences Across Retail Channels

Geographical Pricing: How to Price Different Locations

Freemium Pricing: How to Hook and Monetize Your Customers

Predatory Pricing: Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain?

Unfair Prices? Just Blame it on Your Data

Must-Read: 5 of the Best Books on Pricing Strategy

Promotional Pricing: A Simple Pricing Strategy Everyone Screws Up

Price Anchoring: A Key Component in Your Pricing Strategy

How to Motivate Salespeople for Profit Generation

Price Skimming: How to Ride Down the Demand Curve

Whole Foods Shopping: The Amazon Way

[Infographic] Latest Trends in Ecommerce: What to expect

Prestige Pricing: Rated Suitable for Everyone

eCommerce Pricing: The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Pricing Game

Norwegian Air Shuttle Bumps Up the Highest Bidder

Price Discrimination: A Powerful Bottom-Line Enhancer

Ecommerce Firm Launches "Surprise-Free" Pricing

Using Price Elasticity in Dynamic Pricing Models

Get a PriceBeam Speaker for Your Next Event!

Price Transparency: Go or No-Go?

How Offline Retailers Use Online Data

Penetration Pricing: A Fatal Pricing Strategy

Price-Framing: Which Personalized Discounts Work Better?

Price Increase Management: Raising Prices Succesfully

Upcoming Webinar (14 June): Marketing, Price Positioning and Brand Health: a pricing perspective

What Will Amazon Bring to the Brick-And-Mortar Experience?

Price Unfairness: How to Mitigate the Effects

Why AI-Pricing of Fuel Will Not be a Hit

Indian Fashion E-Tailers Forced to Increase Prices

Will the FCA Change Banks' Service Pricing Structure?

3 Myths About Dynamic Pricing

Increasing Deposit Costs and Liquidity Pressure for Retail Banks

Why Price Monitoring in Ecommerce Increases Everyone's Pricing Power

Uber Launches New Pricing Model to Address Wider Target Group

Analysts: Banks Have Higher Pricing Power than They Think

UK Firms Hide Price Increases Behind Inflation

Netflix Experimenting with Higher Prices but Denies Surge Pricing

City of Boston Implements Dynamic Pricing to Reduce Traffic

Category Segregation: Selling to Very Different Segments

Using "Quick Wins" to Justify Your Service Pricing

iPhone 5S Pricing: Emerging Markets vs Developed Countries

Google: We Don't Need to Compete on Price

3 Ideas for Retail Banking Fees that Increase Revenue

The "Start-Up Discount": Acceptable Price Segmentation

Tesla's Direct Sales Model Creates Price Volatility

The Theory Behind Hulu's New Price Bundle

What Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Can Learn from E-Tailers

PepsiCo Increases Pricing Power with Healthier Products

The Role of AmazonFresh's Membership Fee in Grocery Price War

Adaptive Pricing Gives E-Tailers the Upper Hand

How Financial Institutions Can Profit in the Current Market

Creating Cost-Certainty: Predictability that Pays Off

Amazon on Ecommerce Pricing: No One Can Afford Low Prices

Nike Lowers Pricing as Adidas Grows Stronger

Flaws in Spotify's Pricing of Worldwide Student Subscription

8 Techniques to Justify a Price Increase

Netflix Struggling to Price Right in Developing Countries

General Mills Increases Profits while No One Notices

Why Retailers Are Dropping the .99 Price Tag

Pricing under Inflation: Post-Brexit Retail Pricing in the UK

Complementary Products Pricing: A Lesson from Video Games

Costly Cost-Cutting: How ‘Cost Reduction’ Erodes Profits

"Buy One Get One Free" deal: Why it Appeals to Consumers

McDonald's Hits Price Wall with All-Day Breakfast Pricing

Pricing for Customer Retention: Tips to Increase Repeat Sales

Unfairness in Pricing: The Danger of Price Segmentation

How The Ritz Won a Pricing War Without Lowering Prices

Virgin Conducting Pricing Research on Inflight Internet

Webinar (Sign-Up Open): How to Use Data to Optimize Prices for Your E-Business

Webinar (Sign-Up Open): How Publishing Companies Can Use Research-based Price Optimization

Chairman's Message: PriceBeam Consolidates Ownership

Webinar (Sign-Up Open): Adding Portfolio Value through Price Optimization - Venture Capital & Private Equity

Webinar (Sign-Up Open): Research-Based Price Optimization for Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Selling Value Instead of Price: And Win the Bid

Polaroid's Unsustainable Pricing and its Fatal Consequences

Pricing Powerfully: Where are you on the Pricing Capability Grid

How to Incentivize Salespeople: Goal-Setting, Bonuses, and Commissions

iPad Launch Price Follows Apple's New Strategic Direction

Create Transaction Utility and Increase Willingness-To-Pay

Oracle's Price Increase to Erode Amazon's Positioning

General Motors’ Cadillac-Subscriptions: The Netflix for Cars?

Inconsistencies in Apple's Product Pricing

Pricing a Service: Value vs Time-Based Billing?

How Airbnb Measures Willingness-To-Pay

Pricing Transparency: How to Keep Margins and Customers

Sequence Matters: Should You Hide Your Price Tag?

Customer Value Proposition: How to Dazzle Potential Buyers

Drip Pricing: How and Why Does it Work?

Think lowering your price is the only way to increase sales? Think again.

WEBINAR (Sign-Up Open): Accelerate Sales by Pricing RIGHT

High-Low Pricing: How to Create a Bargain Perception

Managing Brand Health: Can You Walk the Talk?

Life Cycle Pricing: Capturing Value Throughout the PLC

Pay-As-You-Use Pricing: Why Small Businesses Love it

Understanding Gender-Based Price Disparities

Wal-Mart Launches New Price Comparison to Cut Prices

Expanding to Emerging Markets: Get it Right and Win Big

Pricing a New Product: The Essential Steps to Getting it Right

Price Positioning: Long-Term Effects of Short-Term Strategies

New App Introduces Dynamic Pricing of Cinema Tickets

Your Marketing Message: Words Matter - Change 1 and make 5x more!

How to Coordinate Your Pricing Efforts

Dual Pricing using Self-Selection

Value-Based Pricing: The Secret to Profit Maximization

How to Develop the Pricing Strategy for Your Marketing Plan

Retailers to Learn from eCommerce Pricing Practices

Hyundai Prices Higher to Target Premium Segment

The True Reason Roses Cost More on Valentine’s Day

Ferrari Turns Pricing Power into Profit in Q4

Switzerland’s Largest Retailer Has Launched ‘Personalized Pricing’

Competitor-Based Pricing: 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Use It

Why Poundland is Abandoning Its £1 Price-Tag

JetBlue Cuts Capacity to Regain Pricing Power

Cost-Plus Pricing: Why You Should Never Use Markup Pricing

WEBINAR (Sign-up is open): Optimizing Global Prices w/ Co-Founder Finn Hansen

How to Use Pricing Psychology to Differentiate Commodities

PriceBeam Announces New Pricing Assessment

McDonald's Sued Over "Extra Value" Price Bundle

Customer Willingness to Pay: Implications for Your Business

Boeing CEO Declines to Discount

Google Pixel sales take a hit, cleaning up after mispriced Android One

Moral Hazard in Pricing: Know your customer's price sensitivity?

Pricing Power: And Why Apple is Losing it

The Message Behind the Price of Your Christmas Gift

PriceBeam Awarded at Sweden Demo Day

Press Release: Serial Entrepreneur and Accomplished Business Leader Robert Tinterov Appointed CEO of PriceBeam

Pricing Seminar in London, UK, on December 7th.

Pricing Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden, on December 6th.

Discounting Products: Are You Incentivizing Customer Hesitation?

Pricing Medical Devices: How Do You Price a Life?

A/B Testing your Prices: Don't A/B Test Yourself to Death

Pricing Strategy Review: Is pay-what-you-want the way to go?

Marketing and Pricing: Buy more - Pay more!

The 5 Top Reasons To Price Better

Customer Value Proposition: A Pricing Lesson From Pablo Picasso

Psychology of Pricing: Understand How Your Customer's Mind Works