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Ultimate List of Great Books on Pricing 2023

11th Jan (12)

Over the course of the year, here at PriceBeam we have explored practical books that provide actionable insights to the pricing strategy process. 

Continue reading to discover the books we have read this 2023, as they offer a range of perspectives and ideas that can help you develop a competitive pricing strategy, steer clear of common pitfalls, and ultimately boost your company's profitability.

Explore the world of pricing with PriceBeam and our collection of insightful books. These reads are handpicked for their real-world relevance, offering straightforward insights that can genuinely improve how you tackle pricing challenges.

Join us as we share a peek into the useful lessons we've learned from these reads, each contributing to a more informed and effective pricing strategy for your business.


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Disclaimer: The order of the books in the list below does not convey quality or value. They are all good books about pricing. Also we do not have any stake in promoting these books. We really just want you to get the best books on pricing!

Happy Reading


Selling value bookSelling Value: How to Win More Deals at Higher Prices.Mark Stiving

In this innovative book, the author dives into the concept of value and provides insightful strategies for businesses to enhance their offerings and capture the interest of the consumers.



Mark Stiving's "Selling Value" is a must-read for businesses navigating the competitive marketplace. With a keen focus on the concept of value, he provides practical strategies for businesses to elevate their offerings and captivate consumers. The book serves as a comprehensive guide, offering actionable insights for those looking to thrive and succeed in the ever-evolving business landscape.



The Pricing Roadmap_ How to Design B2B SaaS Pricing Models That Your Customers Will Love eBook _ LehThe Pricing Roadmap: How to Design B2B SaaS Pricing Models That Your Customers Will Love–  Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt

In this innovative book, the author dives into the concept of value and provides insightful strategies for businesses to enhance their offerings and capture the interest of the consumers.


In the competitive realm of B2B SaaS, pricing can make or break a product. Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt's "The Pricing Roadmap" serves as an indispensable resource for businesses navigating this challenging landscape. The book unravels the complexities of designing pricing models that resonate with both sales teams and customers. From crafting effective packaging to selecting demand-driving metrics, Lehrskov-Schmidt offers a comprehensive guide to thriving in the B2B SaaS industry.




Book cover - Game ChangerGame Changer: How Strategic Pricing Shapes Businesses, Markets, and SocietyJean-Manuel Izaret and Arnab Sinha

Aims at demonstrating how organizations can thrive over the long haul by emphasizing mutually beneficial growth and value exchange with clients rather than taking advantage of them in a zero-sum manner.

Game Changer is not just a book; it's a strategic analysis of pricing's profound impact on businesses, markets, and society. Izaret and Sinha advocate for a shift in perspective, emphasizing mutually beneficial growth and value exchange with clients instead of a zero-sum game. The book inspires businesses to think long-term, fostering a strategic approach that benefits everyone involved.


Monetizing bookMonetizing and Pricing Sustainability: Beyond Good Intentions: Transform Your Go-to-Market for Sustainable ImpactStephan M. Liozu

In this enlightening book, Stephan M. Liozu takes us on a practical journey into the future, where profit and sustainability coexist harmoniously. The book doesn't reinvent the pricing wheel but rather harnesses existing tools, integrating them with sustainability at the forefront.



-Confessions of a Pricing ManConfessions of The Pricing Man – Hermann Simon

One of the World´s leading experts on pricing strategy breaks down the process and how to maximize value through pricing to company and customer.





-Value Based PricingValue-Based Pricing: Drive Sales and Boost your Bottom Line by Creating, Communicating and Capturing Customer Value - Harry MacDivitt and Mike Wilkinson. 

An innovative Pricing Model for the New Business Landscape and a step-by-step guide to help you reexamine the reality of the value you offer your customers.


The Psychology of PricveThe Psychology of Price- Leigh Caldwell

The Psychology of Price , explains the science behind pricing and includes practical advice on pricing strategies and techniques that can be instantly applied, as well as expert recommendations to help businesses understand consumer behaviour and reach higher sales.


1% Windfall The 1% Windfall - Rafi Mohammed.


Foremost pricing expert Rafi Mohammed shows businesses how to pick up a financial windfall and stimulate growth using the often negltected strategy of setting prices. This book shows how moderate cumulative changes to an everyday business process- pricing- can yield important rewards.



Power Pricing

Power Pricing - Robert J. Dolan and Hermann Simon


The authors, combine their international expertise and knowledge to acknowledge the current breakthroughs in pricing strategies. making use of their firsthand experience with global firms, they display the logic behind the latest practices of "power pricers" hooked in cutthroat global competition.


 Price Management - Hermann Simon Price Management


In this book, pricing experts Hermann Simon and Martin Fassnacht, integrate both quantititive and qualitative methods, highlighting the latest innovations in theory and practice in all areas of the field.



Pricing For profitPricing for Profit: How to Develop a Powerful   Pricing Strategy for Your Business.- Peter Hill

Using a profit-focused business framework which was developed by the author by running real projects for real companies, Pricing for Profit shows you how getting your pricing structures right leads to massive differences in your bottom line.



It's a guide to transforming your go-to-market approach for sustainable impact because doing well in business can also mean doing good. He takes an interesting approach by guiding readers on a journey toward the future where profit and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive but indeed interconnected. The book doesn't plan to change pricing but uses what exists today and applies it with sustainability at the forefront. 


As we wrap up our exploration of these insightful reads, we invite you to dive deeper into the world of pricing strategy. These books provide practical tools and perspectives that can transform how you approach pricing in your business. Stay tuned for more curated insights from PriceBeam as we continue our journey through the ever-evolving landscape of pricing.


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