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Get a PriceBeam Speaker for Your Next Event!

Posted by PriceBeam on June 12, 2017


Looking for a pricing expert to speak at your next event? PriceBeam's industry experts give talks on a variety of topics within pricing, marketing, and sales, both in the form of a workshop or a general presentation. We will give your employees a profound understanding of what best-practices they can employ in their daily work, and equip them with techniques and technical insights into how they can take an analytical, data-backed approach to price setting.
Moreover, we train and coach salespeople to install a winning mentality, and learn to compete on other parameters than price. Particularly, we help them adopt a healthier discounting behavior where discounts are only granted when they have economic benefits for your firm.

Regardless of which topic you have in mind, we can discuss it further and find out how we can tailor a presentation to your needs.

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