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Latest Pricing Insights from PriceBeam

Should We Increase Prices for Next Year?

Posted by PriceBeam on September 5, 2022

More companies than not increased prices in the past 12 months, reasons ranging from increases in input material costs to a general expectation that it was now easier as competitors raised their prices, and often the "market" (read: the customers) expected it due to high inflation. If not now, then never, seemed to be the sentiment. 

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Revisiting Webinar: Finding Consumers Willing to Pay More

Posted by PriceBeam on July 29, 2022

In these inflationary times many vendors ask themselves whether to increase their own prices or not, given what the market is doing. Of course, a straightforward price increase across the board can be a solution, but a better approach is to look for those consumers who are willing to pay more and then through market differentiation and product segmentation to differentiate the areas of the business that takes the price increase.

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Revenue Growth and Pricing Trends in 2022

Posted by PriceBeam on September 16, 2021

Revenue growth management and pricing are disciplines in tremendous growth, as companies are learning that one percent improvement in price or revenue goes straight to the bottom line. In times of inflation as well as pressures on both supply chains and customers, pricing has never been more important. 

At PriceBeam we are 100% focused on pricing and revenue growth and these are some of the trends that we see:

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