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Latest Pricing Insights from PriceBeam

Willingness-to-Pay Insights and Marketing Budgets

Posted by PriceBeam on October 30, 2017

In many organizations this is the time of the year for making marketing budgets. Marketing teams build plans for the coming year and petition various stakeholders for (additional) funds.

Willingness-to-pay research can be very useful to plan and defend marketing budgets, and the starting point can be something as straightforward as this:

If a product has a current price that is higher than the value customers put on it (i.e. their willingness to pay), then that product is over-priced. Similarly, if the current price is lower than what customers are willing to pay, then it is under-priced.

Willingness-to-pay insights can easily and rapidly be identified using PriceBeam's solutions.

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Using Willingness-to-Pay Insights when Negotiating with Trade Partners

Posted by PriceBeam on October 24, 2017

Despite the emergence of e-commerce and direct sales, it is still the norm in most consumer goods industries that most of the sales goes through trade partners, either retailers or distributors. For consumer goods manufacturers this means that there is both a price to charge to the retailer and also a price that the retailer charges the final customer. In most jurisdictions it is illegal to directly dictate end-customer pricing, but knowing what the end-customer is willing to pay, and what s(he) values the most, can still be very useful information for the manufacturer as well as for the retailer.

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Webinar: Optimize Pricing in Bundled / Support Services

Posted by PriceBeam on October 20, 2017

We are excited to announce our latest webinar about how to use Willingness-to-Pay research to optimize prices for bundled services, e.g. technical support services, after-sales services etc.

You can sign up for free here: https://info.pricebeam.com/pricing-support-services 

In the webinar you will learn about how analyze willingness-to-pay for such services, and how to align your pricing with the value drivers of the customers.

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Topics: Pricing, willingness to pay

Willingness-to-pay in B2C versus B2B

Posted by PriceBeam on October 2, 2017

Can I use willingness-to-pay research in a business-to-business (B2B) environment, or does it only work for consumer-based (B2C) businesses? This is one of the questions we hear very often at PriceBeam. The short answer is "Yes, WtP research most certainly can also be used in B2B." The slightly longer answer is below.

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Emerging Markets Pricing: Driving Transformation with Willingness To Pay Research

Posted by PriceBeam on July 19, 2017

We have an exciting webinar coming up on August 17th called "Emerging Markets Pricing: Driving Transformation with Willingness-to-pay Research". Our own Jesper Hansson and Finn Helmo will be presenting how willingness-to-pay insights can help you when building and executing a strong emerging market approach.

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Topics: Pricing, willingness to pay

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