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Latest Pricing Insights

How to Develop the Pricing Strategy for Your Marketing Plan

Posted by PriceBeam on February 17, 2017


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The True Reason Roses Cost More on Valentine’s Day

Posted by PriceBeam on February 14, 2017
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Google Pixel sales take a hit, cleaning up after mispriced Android One

Posted by PriceBeam on January 26, 2017

Google’s latest attempt to conquer the smartphone market, the Google Pixel is reporting declining sales in India (the world’s second largest smartphone market) due to its heavy price tag.  Consequently, many are now anticipating a price correction from Google to regain momentum. However, the Google Pixel might just be doing exactly what Google wants it to.

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Marketing and Pricing: Buy more - Pay more!

Posted by PriceBeam on September 25, 2016

We have become conditioned to believe that whenever we buy more than one of anything we get a lower price per unit. It makes sense for the seller to increase the volume of sales to turn inventory quicker or decrease the manufacturing cost. It makes sense for the buyer as the price goes down per unit. But it does not alway have to be so.

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